What does “GLS bulb” mean?

GLS led bulbGLS” means General Lighting Service. It used to refer to the classic general-purpose household and industrial lamp, which hasn’t changed much in shape since it first materialized in Victorian times. But nowadays Led lamp with similar shape & function can be also called as a “GLS bulb”. There is another interpretation of “GLS bulb”, which is Globe Light Source, it actually means the same thing.
The shape of the GLS light bulb hasn’t changed since their invention in the early 1800s, although the technology used to produce the light has come a long way. “A19″ (or “A60″) bulb is the most commen type. So what is the meaning of A19 or A60?
A19 bulb, is often mentioned in North America. It’s same thing like A60 bulb, which is mostly mentioned in European countries. They both are one classic type of light bulb that has been the most commonly used type for general-purpose lighting applications since the early 20th century. It has a pear-like shape and an Edison screw (E26 or E27 usually) base. The number 19 after the “A” refers to the width of the bulb in one-eighth inch units, which is 2 38 inches or 60.325mm wide at its widest point. While, the number 60 after the “A” refers to the width of the bulb as well, but in a different unit, milimeter. A19 bulb, or A60 bulb are most popular & common GLS bulb.
And, the most commonly used bases of GLS bulbs, are E26 (in North America), E27 (in most European & Asian countries), and B22 (in UK and some others).

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Post time: Nov-04-2017
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