Two Things You Should Know About LED Strip


LED strips provide a great source of secondary lighting, it’s ideal used to decorated our house, to creat the atmosphere we need.

We are often asked why there is big difference for “silimar” strip. Yes, just like most electronics, most LED ribbon look similar at a glance. But there’s still a huge difference on closer inspection. Usually the difference as below:


1) Thickness of copper peel

Copper peel is one of most important component of FPC, also plays important role in price. Since heat dissipation mainly depends on FPC, so thinner copper will have cheaper price, but will leads to poor heat dissipation, and make led chips fail much earlier.  Usually use thinner copper will sacrifice real power to ensure lifespan, so this is relatively easy to distinguish.

You need also pay attention to this: In order to make led tape brighter at no extra cost, some supplier could increase the electrical current to each led chip. Since LED chips are designed to work within a specific current range, so overpowering is sacrifice lifespan, and relatively not easy to distinguish if not check sample.

Electrical lighting use 2 ounce copper FPC, make sure led ribbon in bright, efficient and good quality.


2) Color of LED chip

LEDs have BIN (Batch Indentification Numbers) these are to make sure all of the LEDs have the same appearance when lit. With cheap LED Strip different BIN LEDs may have been used, causing different colours along the strip. To the untrained eye LED Lighting Strips may all look the same, many of the cheap LED Lighting Strips have had corners cut to keep the price so low. Uneven Colour, Dark spots, Brightness decrease are commen problems of those low quality product.

Savvy customers know that it is false economy to cut corners when it comes to buying LED Strip.
We set up BIN code records for all customers, to ensure keeping the same led strip color for each order, without color difference.

If you want to fit the product once and not have to re-install a replacement later then this is the product to choose!

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Post time: Jan-29-2018
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