3 things need to notice when replacing led bulb

Usually, when replacing a troditional bulb by led, there is nothing to worry about, since led bulbs have same sockets, all you need to do is just unscrew old one and screw new replacement.

replacing led bulb


“Okay, unscrewed the old bulb and screw LED bulb, yes, but?!”


Yes, in some cases, you need be careful:

1) LED bulb operated in dimmer;
2) The led bulb connect with detector;
3) Working voltage is 12V, need connect with transformer.

- LED bulb operated in dimmer
If you’re looking to dim LED light bulbs in your home, shop or restaurant you will need to make sure the bulbs and dimmer switches you use are compatible as not all dimmers are the same. There are thousands of different dimmable LED light fixtures on the market, such as Dali, DMX, and Zigbee but these are more commonly used in larger buildings with more complex lighting needs.By far the most popular are the two– leading edge and trailing edge phase-cut dimmers.So choose what kind of dimming you want before you select any LED bulbs.

-The led bulb connect with detector
We use more and more presence detectors to control the lighting of our bulbs. These systems have many advantages: no need to switch the sure not to forget to turn off the light when leaving a room, etc… But just like dimmers, (see paragraph above) some detectors also have a minimum of power to follow to ensure their proper functioning. Again, make sure of the compatibility of your sensors with low consumption.

-Working voltage is 12V, need connect with transformer
Sometimes working voltage is 12V for led bulbs. Therefore require a transformer to avoid damage. The most common are the MR16 and MR11 bulbs (some recessed lights) but also the G4 and G9 bulbs (desk lamps, lighting hoods, etc …)
If you replace your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs, ensure the compatibility of your transformer.

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Post time: Dec-09-2017
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